About the Author

CAITLINThough the numbers may be few, Caitlin thanks you for your readership, even if you happened to stumble across her humble archives whilst entering an incorrect URL name.

What first started out as a 2013 resolution to start a blog and keep it going for at least one year has continued on into 2016 and resulted in a myriad of published (albeit, by me) musings.

Other than attempting to keep it classy, Caitlin enjoys working out, dance (really, any sort of physical activity), reading (Water for Elephants, Jane Eyre, and Girl with the Dragon Tattoo being among her favorites), nighttime driving, drinking tea and watching the latest episodes of  Sherlock, Downton Abbey, and others.

Some things not yet crossed off her bucket list include skydiving over the New Zealand coast, getting her act together to write a book of some sort, and fulfilling her destiny of being an undercover super-heroine.

If and when she grows up, Caitlin would like to continue her career in the journalism/publication world and perhaps find the courage to enroll in (and pay for) a Ph.D. program so she can teach at the college level (and possibly become a kickboxing instructor on the side to keep those super-heroine skills honed).

Caitlin recently acquired an English degree and Journalism minor at Azusa Pacific University, but is always being educated on the lessons of life beyond classroom confines.

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