Making the Mundane Original (ENGL 304 Creative Nonfiction Writing Blog #4)

In class, I mentioned how turning the topic of “making a sandwich” into an engaging narrative piece was difficult without making the writing come off as a high school freshman’s expository/demonstration speech.

Instead of taking a this-is-how-I-make-my-lunch writing approach, I decided to incorporate as much sensory detail as I could into each step of the sandwich-making process. Adding strong descriptive words is one of my weaknesses in creative writing, so I tried to imagine the sight, smell, and yes, even sounds of some of the food items listed. For example, I thought the “crackle” of bread and the “zing” of hummus were stronger descriptors than if I used simpler words like “flavorful.” To be quite honest, I think I channeled the film “Ratatouille” at times when trying to make the food terms more lively.

I settled on this representation because like advertisers trying to market the trendiest food, I wanted to make readers feel something – like increased appetite, not necessarily a super strong emotion (after all, it is just food). I think the “turn” at the end (when the sandwich preparer dismantles the entire creation) is original as it may garner the sympathy of readers who have now seen the dedication poured into making lunch.


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