Lunchtime Artistry (ENGL 304 Creative Nonfiction Writing Blog #3: Originality Activity)

Instead of the satisfying “crackle” the knife would provoke when slicing through a loaf of sourdough bread or French roll, there is no such crunching sound as the bread knife shimmies through my thin, wheat pita pocket.

Next – hummus. Mustard is too sour and mayonnaise too sickeningly creamy, but lemon pesto flavor for some extra “zing!” will do just fine. I spread the hummus on the bottom bread slice in a circular fashion, as though polishing a piece of furniture.

I’ve never outgrown my distaste for onion, and move onto tomato. The seeds threaten to push out of each rind as I maneuver the knife through the tomato’s plump red center. I delicately arrange three or four spinach leaves on top, and pour just a little bit of canned chicken next to weigh the spinach down.

I sprinkle a dash of pepper on the meat, and place the second pita slice over it. Voila!

It’s a simple meal, but pleasantly so. Yet it lacks something…

I’ve forgotten to toast the bread first. I dismantle my kitchen creation, wipe the hummus off the first bread slice with a paper towel, begrudgingly toss the two pita slices into the toaster, and push the lever downward.


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