2014, A Year in Review

2014 A Year in Review pic 2

Every year of college around this time, a “Hobbit” film would be released, and I could always count on seeing Martin Freeman and company stride across New Zealand Middle Earth on the big screen. These last three years, that simple act of seeing these particular movies with my parents and sister was something I could expect. This being my third and final year of uni, and it also being the year of the final installment of the “Hobbit” trilogy, I feel as though the end of an era has come. In some ways, the end of the “Hobbit” series echoes the end of my being definite about the next stage of my life (in that in the past, I could be certain of returning to APU for another year of school).

A year from now, it’s impossible to say where I’ll be. In a perfect world, I’d be working with some sort of cool publication, traveling about and writing people’s stories. I definitely want to hit up a new continent by 2016, though.

Looking ahead requires me to look back and think about what made 2014 great and not-so-great at times. I will say however, that it was overall probably the best year of my life, and will be very difficult to top. Perhaps by revisiting some of 2014’s pivotal learning moments, 2015 may be another year of unexpected, amazing experiences.

Some things I learned in 2014…

– Sometimes, it’s the unwise decisions that make good stories. Maybe not even bad decisions, but unlikely or initially unideal situations that prompt you to go to great lengths to reverse such situations.

– My life is a constant battle between wanting abs but also really liking peanut butter.

– They say you regret more the things you didn’t do than the things you did do, and I’m finding that’s becoming more true over time. In hindsight, I don’t regret anything I’ve done – neither the good nor the bad – because it all has shaped me.

– You don’t know how much you are capable of until you’re forced to find out.

– I hate the word “bae.”

– I really like watching “Jeopardy.” Does that make me an old person?

– “Santa Claus” is not spelled with an “e” at the end.

– You can’t schedule the Kodak moments. People pleasantly surprise you, and the people who do are themselves pleasant surprises.

– Getting what you want is 100% hard work. Or sometimes you really do just get lucky. So maybe it’s really 99.9% hard work, give or take.

– It’s more important (usually) to maintain good blood than to be right. There have been times that I learned to suck it up and apologize despite the fact that I’m never wrong. Just kidding. But I’d rather keep the other party happy than parade around chanting “Am I right, or am I right?”

– How to not use the Oxford comma in AP style/journalistic writing. And then transitioning back into Oxford comma usage for English stuff.

– How to make coffee using a machine that is NOT a Keurig (no I’m not joking).

Come at me, 2015. And readers, don’t forget to wear your pants inside out – according to Doc (as in “Back to the Future”), that’s what all the cool kids will be doing.


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