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Like the title says, the time has come for a temporary hiatus from this blog. Unless I feel overwhelmingly compelled to pen a blog entry, it’s going to go silent on here for a little while.

I wish I could say it’s just school that’s convincing me to put That’s Classy-fied on the shelf during this time, but that would be a lie. It is true that I’ll have a lot of responsibilities on my plate and sadly, generating my sometimes thoughtful, sometimes mindless content into the blogosphere goes on the backburner. I’m finishing up my final year of university (and simultaneously deciding if I want to push graduation to July 2015 rather than May), with mostly English and Journalism classes left to do. And somehow, I winded up taking the Editor-in-Chief position of my college’s magazine, a job for which I feel unprepared at the moment. I still have community service hours left to fulfill (as per graduation requirements), tuition to pay, internships to look into, books to read, friends to hopefully see, and post-grad life to still figure out.

And just for the record, I *almost* considered taking on two 15+ hour jobs this semester.

While all these things are perfectly valid reasons for my silence, I think it’s high time I focus on myself. Yeah, yeah, my blog already is mostly about me and my musings, but away from the computer, I need to sort out some things. I have one year to figure out what to do next with my life, but that’s not all. I find myself wondering if I’ve done enough during my young adult life to warrant a happily exhausted sigh come this time next year.

I look at my friends and my friends’ friends, and wonder if there’s something I missed. Did I put enough time into my career prospects? Do I have a clear vision for what those prospects are? Did I focus too much on my education track that I missed out on the fun parts? Was I involved enough in my school? Why didn’t I take that class instead? Why don’t I know more about web design? Should I have taken more risks? Should I have gone out with the fellow from my general ed class? Why are all my classmates already engaged or pregnant or both? Should I have gone to more parties? Should I not have gone to that party? Why do I hate homecoming football games? Why am I really applying for ___________? Am I ready to graduate? Should I consider grad school or law school? Will I ever be ready to step foot into the real adult world? Will I make it?

I have these questions and more, which can only be answered through action.


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