2013: A Year in Review

Let’s not start off this blog with the whole “look-how-fast-a-year-has-passed” commentary and skip straight to the meat of it.

A few months ago sometime in early March, I penned a blog entitled “Kicking It,” where I wistfully listed 15 bucket list items, 70% intent on accomplishing them, whereas the remaining 30% of me was a little doubtful if I actually could do them.

This short and sweet entry revisits the 15 criteria (with thumbnails, because you know, “Pics or it didn’t happen!”), almost half of which I somehow was able to cross off the list this year.

  1. Run a 5k.

I think the day after I published the original bucket list blog, I ran my first 5k Color Run for my school’s fundraiser. And wound up with ungodly amounts of green on the lower half of my face. I’m hoping to run a 10k at some point, or a mud run or the Spartan Race – maybe not necessarily in 2014 since it’s looking to be a pretty hectic year, but someday.

  1. Get ordained.

Displaying photo 2.PNG

Getting ordained by the Universal Life Church is simple…almost too simple. I’m technically ordained, but need to pay the $9 fee to have the credentials mailed to me before I can perform any weddings, funerals, etc. So feel free to absolve all your sins to me (muahahaha).

  1. Be part of a YouTube sensation.

I don’t even have a YouTube account, so yeah…

  1. Go to an Irish pub on St. Patrick’s Day.

This *could* be a possibility this coming St. Patty’s Day, depending on how my tutorial schedule works out. Although technically an Irish pub doesn’t have to be in Ireland, right? In which case I’m golden, despite the holiday being on a Monday.

  1. Tandem skydiving.

Just kidding. This isn’t me. Contemplating whether to take the plunge for my 21st, or kick it at Disneyland. I think it will come down whether I can score some Groupons for the occasion.

  1. Make a phone call out of one of those red telephone booths.

I mean, my cell phone case is a red telephone booth, but I suppose that doesn’t count. Again, I’ll likely have the chance to get this one done while abroad in Oxford.

  1. Meet a famous person.

Displaying photo 1.PNG

Two weeks ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Joel McHale (a.k.a. Jeff Winger from Community) at a live taping of The Soup at NBC Studios. If The Soup or Community don’t ring a bell, then this will be of little importance to you. But for me, I was ecstatic. And yes, he really is that tall. And he is that freaking hilarious.

  1. Get fitness certified.

I think this one would require me shedding the stubborn poundage I’ve been trying to get rid of for a few years. 2014, please look upon me with favor…

  1. Ride an elephant.

Riding elephants (twice!) was just one of the amazing things I got to experience in Thailand last summer. Admittedly, reading Water for Elephants helped kick start my appreciation for the creatures’ gentle demeanor and keen memory.

  1. See something on Broadway.

I’ve been fortunate enough to see dozens of productions throughout my young life, including two at the Hollywood Pantages, but I have yet to call upon Broadway.

  1. Write a book.

Displaying photo 4.PNG

I re-started writing a book of sorts this summer, but put it on hold as school started up again. If I’m to be realistic, I’m not really looking at it as a project to be published, so long as I have a book I can call my own. But if it comes down to that, I wouldn’t complain.

  1. Be in a live audience taping.

See #7.

  1. Go on a safari.

Not yet.

  1. Travel.

And by “travel” I mean to put more emphasis on international travel, as well as exploring the East Coast, as I have never been. Hoping to hit Ireland, Scotland, France, Germany, and maybe Italy while in England for the next 3-4 months, as well as New Zealand, South Africa, and one Spanish-speaking country in the probably much-later future.

  1. Get inked or pierced.

Displaying photo 3.PNG

My roommates finally convinced me to get matching butterfly tattoos with them. I’m totally kidding, but I did get my navel pierced over spring break this year *shields face to ward off potential judgment*.


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