Like Riding a Bicycle

Like Riding a Bicycle pic

I realize that I use the above phrase without really thinking about it. When I did a real workout for the first time since having been abroad for six weeks, I said to myself, “It’ll be like riding a bicycle!” (a rather painful one at that). And I probably said the same for school, and a number of other things.

But I think I underestimated what setting that I would be riding this metaphorical bike on. I’ve been fairly preoccupied these first few weeks of school  – I’ve got 18 mostly writing-intensive units to master, two possibly three four-hour weekly jobs, trying to keep up with the people back home, and other responsibilities this semester, so That’s Classy-fied has been more or less put on the backburner.

As it so happens, I was riding my bike to class last week, venturing from one campus to the other with only ten minutes to spare, weaving in and out of slow-moving pedestrians, and trying not to get hit by oncoming traffic.

When you fall, it doesn’t really happen in slow-motion like it does in the movies…or at least that’s how it was for me. I don’t remember how it happened, but the end result had me crouched at the front of my overturned bike with small cuts on my palms, and my pride slightly dinged.

It was then that I realized that simplifying a task to being as easy as riding a bicycle is not necessarily a good comparison. You can totally face-plant into the sidewalk as I did, pop a tire, or break a chain.

Long story short – with all these things I’m currently juggling in my life right now, I don’t know if doing my weekly blogs that probably not that many people read anyway is going to be weekly so much as it will be on a I’ll-do-it-whenever-I-can basis.

So in my attempt to not crash and burn, this blog might go silent for a few weeks at a time, but it won’t be dead. To those who take the time to skim through these each week and enjoy them, I appreciate it, and I’ll be back…sometime eventually.


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