Mid-Year Resolutions

Mid Year Resolutions pic

You might find this post odd for one of two reasons – 1) it’s June, not July so technically it’s not the middle of the year, and 2) resolutions are for the new year, not the middle of one.

In January, I had four pretty basic resolutions: work harder (whether at school, in the gym, or at actual work), read more, write more, and just overall be more. Nothing too ridiculous. And I would say that I’ve been successful thus far into the game.

But I was reading an article in Psychology today, which highlighted the middle of the year as being a better and more effective time to commit to new resolutions rather than in January (when everybody’s too flustered or drunk – or both – to really commit to their goals). Also, my current “mid-year resolutions” reflect some of my previous ones, so I’d like to think of this as more of a renewal of past resolutions rather than wholly new ones.

Obviously this blog is going to be more about me, so not everything will apply to you, but hopefully by writing this all on a public forum, I’ll be all the more motivated to keep to my commitments. And maybe, just maybe anyone reading this will put their game face on too.

1)      A Healthy Kick in the Pants. Lately I’ve been on a whole different kind of health kick than usual…I was most recently inspired by the documentaries “Vegucated” and “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead.” I don’t eat terribly, but I know my diet could still use some improvement – especially since I’m looking to lose extra poundage while gaining extra energy at the same time. And I was really fascinated by the information “Vegucated” revealed about the vegan diet as it relates to the economy, and of course, the treatment of animals in a country that relies heavily on the meat industry. I’m not vegan nor am I vegetarian, however I would consider myself as having maintained a pescetarian diet for awhile now, and would ideally like to transition into a vegan diet. Obviously this all goes out the window when I’m in Thailand next month, because it’s rude to refuse food in other cultures, but on American soil (and eventually European soil) this is my hope. Another health “epiphany” I’ve had involves juicing – a juice fast to be more specific. 7-10 days of drinking nothing but fruit and vegetable juices to detox the body. Detoxing is something I’ve been wanting to do for some time, so there you have it.

2)      The Next Chapter. Also recently, I mentioned that I’ve been working on a book. No starting over, or tearing up old drafts; for now I’m just chugging through until I finish, and then I’ll make edits at the end. I don’t care if I’m the only person who ever reads or enjoys my own work, so long as I can finish what I started. No details except that it is a fantasy (and by “fantasy” I mean set in a fictional dystopian society) fiction. Think Hunger Games meets 1984 meets some elements from Harry Potter and maybe even some Star Trek.

3)      In the Heights. If all goes according to plan, I’ll be lucky enough to be studying the works of Jane Eyre and the Bronte sisters, as well as some creative writing for prose when I study abroad next spring. But…I don’t want to seem totally ignorant about classic British literature by the time I meet my professors in our one-on-one sessions, so I am attempting to get ahead with the Brontes this summer. I adore the film adaptations of both the Brontes’ and Austen’s novels, but have yet to read through each work, other than Emma. I’m putting Jane Austen on the back burner for now in favor of the gothic literature novel, Wuthering Heights. Some literary experts claim that Wuthering Heights is one of the most romantic works in the history of literature…I just think that Heathcliffe and Catherine are some seriously messed up fruit loops.

4)      Not the Absence of Fear. Sara Bareilles recently came out with a new single, “Brave,” which compelled me to rethink the ways in which I should implement bravery into my own life. I’ve always admired bravery as a quality, and do my best to exhibit it, but I know I can do more. I want to say what I believe in without fear of being treated with contempt or condescension. I want to be more truthful instead of finding myself feeling cornered. I want to be bolder, instead of slipping into the shadows. I want to stop running away from my past, and allow myself to confront it, and let it be a part of me.

5)      Continuation of “Being More.” And what is probably going to be the hardest to implement – become an overall better person. “Oh stop it, you’re such a sweet person!” some might interject (the word “sweet” was written in my high school yearbook no less than ten times). This could be true if you know me because I do try to be nice,  but perhaps you know me not well enough to have gotten on my bad side. I’m not a bad person (I hope?), but I don’t consider myself an entirely good person either, unfortunately. I’m a committed person, but mostly to my own goals. I’m selfish in this way, I suppose. I can be cold and slow to let you in. I am a workaholic (except these last few weeks), perpetually shy, and extremely skeptical. I don’t laugh at every joke, and smiling is something I have to actually think about, even when I’m in the best of moods. I could go on, but I’m starting to get sad now, so I’ll stop there.

Now as you’re reading that last one and thinking to yourself, “Hey yeah, now that I think about it, Caitlin is all of those things.” Hey now. That’s probably all true, but you’re no saint either…I’m just the one openly admitting to it. Judge not lest ye be judged.



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