Kicking It

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I’m a list-person. I pretty much thrive from composing to-do lists, grocery shopping lists, homework agendas, the list of what classes I’ll be taking within the next few years, etc.  Call me a freak, but one of my greatest pleasures comes from the sound of a pen drawing a line through one of the executed items on one of those lists.

That said, I believe life is for the most part made up of a series of to-do lists. And that includes the following bucket list which includes fairly reasonable tasks and exhibitions that I’m to complete before I make that bucket get some serious air.

In no particular order…

  1. Run a 5k. Oh wait, I’m doing that next week!
  2. Get ordained. As I was procrastinating one night, I came across the Universal Life Church’s “Become Ordained Online for FREE!” ad on Google. Hey, it’s free and it’s certainly something unique to put on my resume.
  3. Be part of a YouTube sensation. Given that my music skills are lacking and I hate the sound of my voice recorded, my remaining option is to make myself part of the next viral flash mob/Harlem Shake-type dance video.
  4. Go to an Irish pub. …on St. Patrick’s Day.
  5. Tandem skydiving. I have this somewhat recurring dream in which I’m falling off the edge of a waterfall, freefalling to my death probably, until my leg jerks me awake. Charming, I know. So why would I want to pay $150+ to jump out of an airplane and get a similar sensation? Well, I would say that freefalling is one of my biggest fears, and I like to make it a habit to conquer my fears. Plus I’ll be strapped to a skydiving expert who knows what he’s doing, unlike silly me who decides falling off a waterfall’s edge with no parachute backpack is okay.
  6. Make a phone call out of one of those red telephone booths. …which is why I NEED to be accepted into the Oxford Study Abroad program. Amongst other reasons, obviously. More on that later.
  7. Meet a famous person. I just realized that I’ve never met a famous person. At least, not that I can remember. But if they were famous, I think I would remember.
  8. Get fitness certified. Anyone who knows me well knows that I love me some gym time, especially kickboxing, Zumba (it is not just for old people; get a good instructor and prepare to get your butt kicked), strength training, and most recently, max interval training. Ideally, I’d like to spend one point of my life working part-time or as a guest fitness instructor. Getting paid to force blood, sweat and tears out of my clients? Sounds like my kind of gig.
  9. Ride an elephant. I surprisingly actually do have the opportunity to do this this upcoming summer. It’s a bit of a story, and I’ll dedicate another blog posting to explaining that.
  10. See something on Broadway. I don’t care if it’s New York Broadway or London Broadway, I just need to see The Book of Mormon. Or Phantom. Or Billy Elliot. Or Chicago. Or Wicked (third time’s the charm).
  11. Write a book. Ever since I was 13, I vowed that I would become an author. After all, I’d been penning various construction paper-paperbacks about the princess who really liked eating fish (this might have been loosely based on my own dietary preferences at the time) and the Sparknotes version of the Easter story since age five. My taste in storylines have greatly evolved since then (thank God) and I have a series of boxes in my room filled with spirals and cluttered drafts of tales that went unfinished. This reminds me that I still have a working, creative mind, but sucks because I’m reminded of my continuously busy schedule and that weird emptiness I felt inside after writing a chapter, or both that kept me from continuing to write. One day though, I will finish a book. Not just 20 chapters, but the whole nine yards. Getting published is another thing…
  12. Be in a live audience taping. Ideally, I’d love to see The Big Bang Theory or The Soup. Just not Maury. Ever.
  13. Go on a safari. I want to meet Simba. And Rafiki. Need I say more?
  14. Travel. This one’s a given. A brief overview of some places I’d like to see include but are not limited to Europe (ALL of it, haha), New Zealand, South Africa, the East Coast, etc.
  15. Get inked or pierced. Actually, I probably won’t get inked. Even permanent markers are too permanent for me. A second piercing, on the other hand…well, I’m in college. Seems almost like a rite of passage, right?

*List subject to alterations and additions.


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