To Those Who Wander

To Those Who Wander pic

I was feeling a bit artsy this week and decided to dabble into some poetry since I haven’t for awhile. Also, I thought writing this would be easier/faster than writing a full-on page of my two-cents for this week…but I was wrong. It’s in Shakespearean sonnet structure, although any legit poets reading this are probably groaning at my inconsistent syllable structure (or lack thereof). On behalf of wanderers everywhere, I write this for us.

To Those Who Wander

To the one who sits in the back of the chapel

Questioning the whereabouts of prayers spoken

To the one who finds each door is locked and

Desperately searches for a window open

To those who journey with no destination

You are not lonely though you walk alone.

To the weary, the beaten, and the broken

Endlessly looking for a place to call home

To the one seeking the light of a streetlamp

Amidst the darkness of a harsh winter’s night

To those brave enough to keep fighting on

We go forward in pursuit of the ever-fading light.

Push onward despite the odds, despite all resistance –

And you will hear my voice echoing back to you in the distance.


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