Living for Friday

Living for Friday 4 pic

Call it what you want, but I live for the weekends. Not because I’m a party-scouter with a shameless to-do list to complete before the weekend’s up, but it means me getting a break from catching a ride from overcrowded trolleys, finding unconventional ways to say awake in [certain] classes, scootering from my back-to-back-to-back-to-BACK classes, willing myself to crank out some time in the weight room in between said classes, tutoring, and counting down the minutes until I get to clock out from work. Oh, and getting that thing called homework done, too. Wednesday night I was so wiped out, I had the nerve to slumber before 11.

So needless to say, I consider Mondays through Fridays to be my weekly uphill battles; the weekdays are simply something to get through. The weekend? I raise a glass to you. And to this week’s slew of new Netflix arrivals.

But for this week’s post, I guess you could say that I’m sort of dedicating it to the people who helped make this one more than just one another hurdle to jump. That is, the people who actually read this (assuming your Friday nightlife is nonexistent tonight).

Unexpected Lessons in Microbiology

I’m currently taking Biology 101 for my GE requirements…and I don’t really like it. It’s like the lab equipment knows that my touch isn’t one of a scientist’s. Anyway, I make it a point in my lab classes to touch base with the TA whenever I’m confused (which is often). Shortly after running me through the meanings of denaturation, the effect iodine has in a chemical reaction, etc., she asks me, “Do you want to know how microbiology works?” My sassy inner voice’s instinct was “Eh….not so much, but thanks.” But I just nodded politely as she proceeded. Though I only understood less than 50% of this new material, I was touched all the same that she cared enough about my understanding to take the time to explain the slightly more advanced concepts for me instead of walking away and giving me the benefit of the doubt. Yes it’s her job but she gets paid by the hour, not for how much she cares.

Dinner Invitation

No, a dinner date night was definitely not part of my week. Wednesday morning as I was scrolling through my Facebook, I was surprised to see an email from one of the girls in my hall asking if I would like to join her for dinner sometime that week. Though a bit unusual, that in itself was a nice gesture, but the best part is that were no gimmicks involved. No favors to be asked, no gossip to be shared, just a simple dinner just because she wanted to know me better. And that let me tell you, is flattering.

Surprise in the Mailbox

Two nights ago, I decided to check my mailbox not expecting anything other than the monthly English Majors newsletter or tuition bill. Much to my surprise (again), there lay an envelope with my *gasp* handwritten mailing address. On what I considered just another ordinary day, it was so nice to know that one of my longtime friends wasn’t too busy being awesome in college to check in. And it also helps that he said he likes my blog (hint, hint).

My point is this – do something to make someone else’s week a little more bearable. Say “please” and “thank you” and genuinely mean it. Bake your roommate some cookies. Let your little sister blast One Direction on your car radio just this once. Give up your bus seat to a pregnant lady. Hug a homeless dude (maybe not; it’d probably make him feel more uncomfortable than you in the long run).


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